Environmental sanitization

The sanitization process includes all the activities necessary to make a place healthy. The purpose of the treatments is the removal of visible and invisible dirt, including pathogenic microorganisms.


The sanitization of the rooms must follow specific protocols based on proven methods, tools, and products to guarantee the desired results. Furthermore, the correct execution of the operations needs correctly trained operators with specialized skills.

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The two phases of intervention

For both activities, the “Total Zero” method is available. This one uses low environmental impact methods and products with the ECOLABEL EU.

For Whom is it?

Commercial and production companies,
offices, public and private residences, school buildings, and all realities which require high standards of healthiness.

Spaces and surfaces involved

Rooms, aeraulic systems, and means for the transportation of goods and people.

Quality and programming

Mimosa applies the planned control of the expected quality standards. Through a codified process and dedicated team, it guarantees continuous monitoring of the service provided.

Environmental sanitization

First Phase

Cleaning (removal of dust, dirt, and undesired materials from the surfaces of objects and environments:

  • sweeping
  • aspiration
  • washing with detergent products and rinsing
Environmental sanitization

Second phase

Disinfection (removal or inactivation of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, molds, spores).

  • Chemical disinfection: treatment of surfaces with disinfectant products (medical-surgical device) applied mechanically or using a dispenser/nebulizer. Subsequent rinse.
  • Thermal disinfection: surface treatment using high-temperature dry water steam
  • Disinfection with ozone: temporary saturation of rooms with ozone gas

Our know-how at your service

Safe habitats

We provide healthy and safe habitats for the protection of guests and following sanitary regulations.

Qualified staff

Mimosa has operators trained for specific activity.


Personalized program

We offer personalized cleaning and sanitizing program designed by Mimosa on the real necessities of the distinct customer.

Security procedures

Mimosa applies procedures and devices for the protection of safety at work.


Assured intervention times

We assure Guaranteed intervention times and execution of activities according to an agreed program.


Quality checks

Mimosa verifies the correct execution of the work and the quality control of the service.

Methods and products for sanitation


The Ministry of Health regulates the production and marketing of these biocidal products for specific fields of use. In order to sanitize areas and rooms difficult in dimension and accessibility, the product is applied by employing ULV (Ultra Low Volume) dispenser, which micronizes the solution into tiny drops (5-15 microns) which are deposited uniformly, without wetting, on hard surfaces and materials.

Environmental sanitization
Environmental sanitization


Surface treatment with superheated steam (140 ° C). The high temperature allows the microparticles of water to attack the dirt and, at the same time, sanitize.


The ozone, thanks to its strong oxidizing power, eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and bad smell. The intervention with appropriate ozone generators allows the saturation of the environments so that the gas reaches even the inaccessible points, breaking down any pathogen in a few hours.

At the end of the cycle, the ozone is transformed into oxygen without leaving residues of any kind in all the treated areas. With the use of ozone, we reduce the consumption of water, energy, and chemicals.

Environmental sanitization