Cleaning in tourist accommodation facilities

Cleaning and care of the spaces: it is the first topic to which guests pay attention to, and it is the first item that determines the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers and the consequent position of the structure in the rankings available on agency sites and social networks.

Investing wisely in cleaning improves the guests’ stay and consolidates the image of the accommodation.

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Allergy-free” environment

Mimosa applies a Natural and Ecological system for the removal of microorganisms and allergens (pollen, mites, fungi, biological and chemical contaminants) eventually present in the air, bed, fabrics, and all the surfaces of the environments. The result is guaranteed by the use of the “Total Zero Ecolabel” products and Biocide sanitizers, integrated with natural air and surface cleaning and sanitization systems.

Specialized service


Mimosa offers a complete and in-depth cleaning service for rooms, apartments and common areas to protect your health and that one of your guests.

The activities carried out
  • Planned toilet management and rearrangement of rooms and apartments
  • Cleaning common areas
  • Linen management


    Quality service


    Mimosa applies the scheduled control of the expected quality standards. It guarantees a constant monitoring system of the service provided, through a codified process and dedicated resources.


    Convenient cleaning

    The outsourced cleaning service simplifies the hotelier’s job and allows a greater control of the expenses. The tangible advantages are:

    Personalized cleaning and sanitization program designed by Mimosa on the real needs of the individual hotel

    Mimosa employees trained for the specific purpose

    Application of procedures and devices for the protection of workplace safety

    Resource management and organization of work and presence shifts

    Verification of the correct execution of the program and quality control of the service

    All-inclusive cost (remuneration, insurance, products and equipment)

    Cleaning in tourist accommodation facilities

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