Civil cleaning

Every space has different hygienic needs due to its use and the activities it operates. Mimosa has skills, techniques, products, and equipment to deal with any specific request. We can evaluate individual needs to design and provide the most appropriate service.

To invest wisely in cleaning improves the guests’ stay and consolidates the image of the accommodation.

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Specialized Solutions

We offer different solutions: from the simplest and most basic cleaning to the complex sanitization programs with the use of the most advanced technologies (washing of the air with water filters), micronization of MSD products, treatment with dry steam at high temperature, ozone treatment).

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We also deal with the sanitation of mattresses, upholstery and curtains, moquette and carpet washing.

A quality service

Mimosa applies the scheduled control of the expected quality standards. Through a codified process and dedicated staff, it guarantees constant monitoring of the service provided.

To whom is the service dedicated?
Condominiums, apartments, residential spaces in general, private and public offices, school buildings, gyms, museums and galleries, commercial spaces, sales points and laboratories in the food supply chain.
Spaces and surfaces concerned

All areas and mobile and immovable appliances defined in the technical specifications or agreed with the client.

The advantages of a cleaning program


Personalized cleaning and sanitizing program designed by Mimosa on the real necessities of the specific client

Certain intervention times and carrying out of activities according to an agreed program

Resource management and organization of work and presence shifts

Mimosa employees trained for the specific activity

Application of procedures and devices for the protection of safety at work

Verification of the correct execution of the work and quality control of the service

Civil cleaning

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Qualified staff will respond to your requests by offering you the most suitable solution for you!